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My name is Jon. 21 years old. ESFP. Aspiring tattoo artist. I use this blog to post random stuff I find amusing. I am on instagram too @don_jonzap

I got jumped today

I’m okay, I’m all good, but this was the first time and it’s scary, it’s a weakening feeling, I don’t feel safe anymore. I don’t want to leave my house for a while. I’m going to get big, I am going to get HUUUGGEEEE so no one fucks with me again. I’m fucking done, going to bed.

I keep double clicking posts like this is instagram and shit. Hello, tumblr!! I am back! Just for a little while… maybe





men took my little pony away from us girls so us teen girls are takin pro wrestling fuck yall just try n stop us


have fun fetishizing the shit out of *real life* celebrities. it actually makes the people who sexualize the shit out of children’s cartoons seem normal.

did you just imply being attracted to actual real human males isn’t normal but wanting to fuck cartoon horses is

I need to reblog this again because it still makes me laugh

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done by Phil, The Decay Parlour Tattoo, Berlin


done by Phil, The Decay Parlour Tattoo, Berlin


listening to straight people complain about not being able to find someone to date


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